Our Mission

The Bungie Foundation aims to reduce distress and suffering in children through entertainment.

Our Philosophy

Bungie is grateful for the opportunity to do something we love for the enjoyment of ourselves and our fans.  Our successes have provided us with the unique opportunity to use our knowledge and resources to give back to our community and add value to areas we can make a direct positive impact.

Organizations We Love

Get Involved

We’re consistently blown away by the passion and dedication shown by the Bungie community in utilizing gaming to support charitable efforts. While the Bungie Foundation’s funds are allocated specifically to our charter of reducing distress and suffering of children and major disaster relief, we love finding creative ways to support the members of our community who seek to better the world through other means. 

Periodically throughout the year, the Bungie Foundation will be providing opportunities for our community to support the Bungie Foundation’s efforts.  You have seen these opportunities in the past, such as the Men in Kilts competition to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House, the Gauntlet tournament to raise funds for Hopelink, and Guardians to the Aid of Nepal to raise funds for the rebuilding of Nepal following a devastating earthquake.  We encourage you to make donation directly to one of the organizations the Bungie Foundation supports!  Please check out our homepage to see these great organizations and click on their links to make a direct donation.

If you are a non-profit organization that is looking to partner with the Bungie Foundation, or interested in hosting an event that utilizes Destiny as a means of fundraising, please contact bngfoundation@bungie.com. Any products or materials with Destiny or Bungie themes, images, or iconography must be submitted for our review prior to their creation and/or use in fundraising events.