iPads for Kids Program Launches in New York and Texas!

11/29/2018 – Sountary Lim, Bungie Foundation Intern


The Bungie Foundation is proud to announce that we have partnered with eight children’s hospitals across the country to advance our mission of reducing distress and suffering in children through entertainment with our iPads for Kids Program. We’ll be giving a full run-down of where we stand with all hospitals in our year-end wrap up next month, but we’d like to take a moment to share with you what we’ve been focusing on this past month.


In late October, we took the trip from Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX to kick off our 30-day pilot of the iPads for Kids Program at Children’s Health Dallas. The team at Children’s Health has been a dream to work with as we prepared the many logistical components necessary to making the program operate with success. The installation of our first 24 iPads into Children’s Health’s Renal Unit was led by our very own Austin Schlichtman, iPads for Kids Program Specialist, and supported fully by the clinical team on the unit. Austin has led the technical logistics of every installation we’ve managed this past year and has gotten it down to a science. Working with Christine Edwards, Sr. Foundation Manager, they were able to pre-plan every facet of the installation and map out their course of action before landing onsite at the hospital. CMCD’s amazing Project Manager coordinated the hospital’s IT, security, networking, and infection control teams to troubleshoot all tasks before the rollout. According to Austin, “Not only were we excited [by the successful rollout], but the nursing staff was quite excited themselves! Some of the nurses noted how happy and excited their patients looked when they received the iPads and how they quickly started to play games as soon as the devices were handed to them. The staff was very optimistic as it was their first time having this type of device installment and now they are very appreciative of the iPads for Kids Program.


Next up, our mission was accomplished all the way from New York City! We kicked off our pilot rollout at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. We are so grateful for our partnership with them as they are unlike any other hospital we have supported to date. Christine says, “St. Mary’s provides incredibly experienced and compassionate long-term care for children with very complex medical conditions. The majority of children that are referred to St. Mary’s will spend their lives at the hospital or their long-term care facilities and have special needs and life-limiting conditions.” Because of their unique patient population, many children don’t have the strength to hold an iPad on their own. To solve this problem, we partnered with the Seattle-based company HatchMed to create custom wall-mounted tablet arms that met St. Mary’s requirements for their environment. One of HatchMed’s executives even joined us on our trip to the hospital to train St. Mary’s Building and Engineering team on how to install the arm. “The hospital’s clinical staff would walk by and would stop to admire what we were doing and were very interested in testing [the tablet arm] out. They expressed how excited they were that they iPads for Kids Program could provide for their unit’s specific needs,” says Austin. We look forward to deploying more iPads throughout the remaining units at St. Mary’s in the New Year!


Continued Support for a Hurting Community

This past month has been hard for many of you and your loved ones.  In what has seemed like an unrelenting wave of natural disasters from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, earthquakes in Mexico, and now Hurricane Maria ravaging the Caribbean, one thing has stood out again and again. In times of hardship, we all remember just how human we are, and that we ban together to support of our fellow neighbor.

On August 30th, we asked you to join us in raising funds to support Direct Relief’s efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.  Today, we gratefully announce that you raised over $500,000 that will continue to enable Direct Relief to help Texas residents still in critical need of support.  Thank you!

Today, we are announcing that we will continue to sell our commemorative Bungie Foundation pin through the Bungie Store  between now and October 8th to support Direct Relief’s efforts in the areas around the US and Caribbean that have been most critically hit.  We are kicking off this campaign with a $100,000 donation from the Bungie Foundation.

We are again racing to produce enough pins to keep up with the incredible demand, and orders will be delayed.  Each pin comes with a unique emblem code for use in Destiny 2 that is printed on the packaging.  We ask for your patience as those codes make their way to you.

If you had previously purchased a pin through the Bungie Store to support Hurricane Harvey, please expect a follow-up email from us shortly with updates to your order.

And as always, we encourage you to get involved in whatever way is most meaningful to you.  If a pin and emblem aren’t your cup of tea, find an organization to donate to or volunteer your time with.  You can also help spread the word to those who are looking for ways to help.

Thank you for being an important part of this community, and thank you for choosing to make a difference.

June 26-July 21: Help Bring a Make-A-Wish Kid’s Dream to Life!

Since 2013, the Bungie Foundation has been privileged to support Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington in funding all electronic items for their wishes.  We absolutely love the creativity that wish kids have in coming up with their perfect wish.  To date, we have helped support approximately 110 wishes!

These wishes have ranged from decked out sensory playrooms for kiddos with cognitive impairments, to fully customized gaming PCs for kids who want to connect with their friends or make a splash on the YouTube scene, to eye-controlled and voice-activated laptops for kids with a physical disability. 

Many of these wishes contain additional items that fall outside the scope of electronics.  These items must be funded by Make-A-Wish, which requires significant fundraising efforts.  This is the case for wish kid, Leighton.

Leighton is a sports loving 15 year old from Eastern Washington.  He used to love playing outside with friends until a rare heart condition required him to stop.  He’s now wishing to have his basement converted into a game room so that he can continue to play with his friends in the digital space.

The Bungie Foundation has the electronics covered, but we need your help to fund the rest of his wish!  Here’s a glimpse into what your dollars will help fund:

·         $600 – New couch

·         $500 – New carpet

·         $300 – Paint and painting supplies

·         $200 – New mini fridge for snacks

·         $100 – Media storage unit for movies and DVDs

·         $75 – Framed posters of his favorite soccer player and team, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Barcelona soccer team, or his favorite TV Show, The Walking Dead

·         $50 – Board games: Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Speak Out, and more!

·         $25 – Snacks! He loves all candy, especially Sour Patch Kids!

For those with the means, please head to his fundraising page and support at $10 or more.  Every dollar counts!  If you have your eye on one of the bigger ticket items, consider going in on it with your friends or Destiny clanmates.  Share Leighton’s crowdfunding site on your social media to spread the word.  Any funds raised above the threshold for Leighton’s wish will support another kiddo with big dreams!


The Bungie Foundation

The Gauntlet and Men in Kilts Fundraisers are Back!

Every year, we don our tartans, heft some weapons, strike a pose, and go to war. As always, our enemies are the slings and arrows that come between the families of children seeking healthcare. You’re invited to become our ally in this fight, along with other warriors from the greater Seattle metropolitan area.  

Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the Men In Kilts fundraising competition raises funds for families staying at the Seattle Ronald McDonald House. Check out all the participants, and cast your vote for Team Bungie by donating $10 or more. Every $30 donated will pay for a family to stay at the House for one night. Head to the RMHC Donation Page to cast your votes by Friday, April 28! 

Making the world a better place is its own reward, but we still have some keepsakes to help you raise awareness for Men In Kilts*

·         $50 – The “7-7 Ad Infinitum” player emblem

·         $100 – The prize above, plus a mailed postcard from Bungie’s Men in Kilts

·         $250 – All prizes above, plus play Destiny with a Bungie Dev

·         $500 – All prizes above, plus a digitally-delivered signed caricature of our Bungie Men in Kilts team, drawn by one of our kilted members themselves

·         $1000 – Studio Tour of Bungie

(transportation/lodging not included)

*You will receive an email no later than Friday, May 5, regarding redemption of each reward.


We’re also excited to talk about the Fourth Annual Gauntlet Tabletop Tournament. In May, Team Bungie will compete against fifteen other local businesses to raise funds for Treehouse, a local organization that helps foster kids pursue their dreams and build for themselves a bright future. Your donations will embolden our team with Power Ups that will help them win the tournament. Head to our team’s Donation Page to commit your support on or before May 21.

We know you don’t need an incentive to support these causes, but we just can’t resist decorating the heroes from our community. The Gauntlet has its own backer rewards.*


·         $50 – The “­­­­Eye of Eternity” player emblem

·         $100 – The prize above, plus a “Programmer Art” caricature of you

(We can’t guarantee it’ll be good, but it will be funny!)

·         $250 – All prizes above, plus play Destiny with a Bungie Dev**

·         $500 – All prizes above, plus lunch with Team Bungie

(transportation and lodging not included)

*You’ll receive an email no later than Friday, June 2 about the fulfillment of each reward.

**If you donate $250 separately to each of the Men in Kilts and Gauntlet fundraisers, you will be able to play Destiny twice with a different Bungie Dev!

Bungie Foundation 2016 Year End Update


Happy New Year from the Bungie Foundation!  At Bungie, we are so fortunate to be able to do what we love. Sharing that joy with others through our foundation is our way of giving back. As we begin 2017, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on everything that our incredible community has helped us to accomplish throughout 2016.

These are just a few highlights:

We continued to provide comprehensive support to Seattle Children’s Hospital, including the iPads for Kids Program, Summer Camp, and Autism Programs. This year, we are excited to expand our support to the Strong Against Cancer campaign.


  •  Our iPads for Kids initiative is entering its fourth year. Early in 2012, we approached Seattle Children’s Hospital with a proof-of-concept for our program. We discovered that the hospital had received a large number of generous technology donations, but they lacked the staffing and knowledge to properly utilize them. We vowed that our program would be different. Our proposal included a unique idea that would alleviate the workload on hospital staff, provide onsite tech support, and work flexibly with patients to customize the devices for their specific needs. Starting in just two departments in the hospital, we have systematically grown our program to thirteen departments – including all appropriate inpatient units – and that number is growing. The program has proven to be an extremely positive addition to the hospital’s efforts.
  • In late 2016, we began a partnership with Child’s Play Charity to make our iPads for Kids Program more efficient and scalable. This included replacing all of our older devices for new models and adding automation controls through a mobile device management program. We plan to expand into additional hospitals beyond Seattle Children’s Hospital this year. We are excited about the future of the program and can’t wait to provide updates on our progress.


We’ve supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation since 2001 by hosting full-day studio visits to their kids from around the world. Since 2014, we have also supported all wishes requesting electronic items for the Alaska & Washington chapter, granting over 75 wishes to date. Last year, we supported 35 wishes and each was as unique as the kids themselves. Here are a few examples of the types of wishes you helped us support this year:

  • An eight-year-old girl wished to transform her basement into a pottery studio. Your support helped us purchase a kiln and accessories to get her started on her passion for the art.
  • We spent the day with a VR and 3D enthusiast, setting him up with a Razer gaming laptop, HTC Vive VR Headset, and 3D printer. By the time we left that evening, we had multiple 3D Destiny symbols printed to help him remember the experience.
  • Your dollars helped purchase an Action Track Chair, enabling a wish kid in a wheelchair to live his life to the fullest. He can now cover rugged terrain to go camping, fishing, play ball with friends, or whatever his heart desires.
  • We helped a quadriplegic student succeed in school by mounting a laptop to his wheelchair. The laptop uses adaptive software, switches, and voice commands to assist with his schoolwork.
  • We hosted several wish kids at Bungie, providing them with unique behind-the-scenes access, specified to what they wanted to experience. Kids were able to suit up and record motion capture footage, lay down dialogue in our recording studio, meet one-on-one with developers to learn the ins and outs of the areas they cared most about, and play unreleased Destiny content before the rest of the world.  

We donated a fully customized pontoon boat to the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Stanley Stamm Summer Camp, to enable kids of all medical backgrounds to enjoy fishing and relaxing on the lake.


We’ve supported Ronald McDonald House’s Seattle Chapter since 2010, playing a role in their annual fundraising efforts including their Men in Kilts competition, Hockey Challenge, and Annual Gala & Auction.


You helped us raise $27,000 for Youthcare during the annual Gauntlet tabletop tournament.


Our community supported in raising funds to bring veterans to PAX Prime.


You helped us sponsor a two-year teacher training program at Manos Unidas, the first and only private and not-for-profit school for special education in Cuzco, Peru. In a community where little is understood about autism, this training is actively improving the quality of education for children with developmental delays by using therapeutic play strategies as an integral part of their development. In addition, it is the only opportunity for teachers to train in best education practices for children with special needs, raise awareness in their community, and advocate and provide services for their families.


We couldn’t have done it without your support.  Thank you for standing with us in 2016. We look forward to all we will accomplish together in 2017!

Bungie Foundation Highlighted in Make-A-Wish Newsletter!

We had the incredible opportunity to have lunch with Make-A-Wish AKWA's Director of Philanthropy and Mission Advancement to chat about the Bungie Foundation's 15-Year involvement with their organization.  We are so honored to be highlighted in their 30th Anniversary Newsletter!

Check out the full article here.

Bungie Foundation is one of Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington’s most loyal and generous supporters. It’s a partnership dating back 15 years, when Bungie granted its first wish for 17-year-old Brian, who wished to meet the developers of popular video game Halo.

Over the years, Bungie has chosen many ways to be involved with Make-A-Wish. This vast level of support allows Bungie employees from all reaches of the company to experience wishes in different roles. In fact, this widespread support has become part of the company culture.

“I'm grateful that Bungie and Make-A-Wish have given us the opportunity to make others happy by sharing what we do,” said composer Skye Lewin.

“It’s totally humbling and inspiring when the games we make become a source of strength and happiness for the people who need those things the most,” said David Dague, content and communications manager.

Bungie’s support ranges from sponsoring events to participating in the Giving Tree program to providing tours for wish children and their families. And Bungie employees find that they get just as much joy and excitement out of being a part of a wish as the wish child does.

“It is my joyous and humble pleasure to spend my time meeting, greeting and exploring behind-the-scenes with these young folks,” said senior artist Andy Williams. “I always hope to be a part of bringing in our courageous young fans to look behind the curtain with us.”

“It is a humbling and energizing experience, said technical artist Rachel Swaverly of being involved in a child’s wish. “I strive to give them the best experience here and when they play our game. I always look forward to the visits!”

But, it is by covering the cost of computer and electronics wishes that expands Bungie’s exposure to children who desire to use technology for entertainment beyond gaming. “Each electronics wish provides an opportunity to put our minds together to be creative, and use our passion to positively impact a child’s life,” said Edwards.

“I love finding out about their family, and their dreams,” said Troy McFarland, motion capture lead. “I am honored to be chosen to be able to be a small part of a reprieve from whatever they are challenged with at this moment in their lives.”

Bungie has granted 30 studio tour wishes and provided more than $300,000 in in-kind support to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington since 2001, and we thank them for their support!

"I think it’s vital to give back to our community at every opportunity, and it’s my personal goal that these kids leave my lab feeling empowered, excited and inspired. ” - Jonathon Dobbs, Playtest Lead.

Bungie Spends the Day with Garrett from Make-A-Wish!

Last Tuesday, we had the incredible joy of hosting Garrett and his family, who travelled all the way from Tennessee to hang out with our developers for the day!  And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Just days before their arrival, Seattle experienced one of its strongest windstorms of the year, knocking out power to much of the region.  But Garrett brought the sunshine with him just in time for spring!

Garrett and his family arrived to Bungie’s office in the morning to be greeted by our very own Deej, Bungie’s Community & Communications Manager, to be taken on his infamous studio tour – filled with tidbits of Bungie lore and behind the scenes details.  

We then suited him up in spandex and tested his acting chops for a real-time Motion Capture demo where he got to be a hunter in the Queen’s throne.  Our Motion Capture Manager, Troy McFarland, took him through a deep dive of how MoCap is utilized in game development, what it took to build our own fully-functioning studio, and how footage is captured and processed.  

Running around in a spandex suit covered in reflective dots can build up quiet an appetite, so we headed straight from MoCap to lunch, where Garrett had the opportunity to dine with some of our devs and ask any question he could think of over a good meal. 

Up next was an Audio session with Destiny’s composer, Skye Lewin!  Skye walked him through the creative process behind the music in Destiny and how sound has a significant role in how players experience a game.  Sound has the ability to convey hope, fear, joy, excitement, and a whole slew of emotions that wouldn’t be felt as strongly if our game had no sound.  We then put Garrett behind the microphone in our Foley Booth and had him record a few lines of dialogue!  We brought him back into the mixing studio and showed him the numerous affects we can apply to his vocals to match him to the various characters we have in-game.

One of Garrett’s favorite parts of the day was getting a chance to have some one-on-one conversations at our developers’ desks.  It was there that he got a sneak peek at what is being worked on for future releases – and what he saw excited him.  Garrett was able to get a hands-on understanding of what goes into making Destiny and could begin to conceive of what his next steps could be as he heads into college in a couple of years!

After getting some behind-the-scenes insight, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on a controller and test out some of this new content with some of the Bungie team!  And, as what commonly occurs when we bring in Make-A-Wish visitors, Garrett kicked our butts at our own game!

The day ended with a photo with Garrett’s family and several of the Bungie Team that helped make his day special, followed by loads of swag to take home with him to display his Bungie pride!