Bungie Spends the Day with Garrett from Make-A-Wish!

Last Tuesday, we had the incredible joy of hosting Garrett and his family, who travelled all the way from Tennessee to hang out with our developers for the day!  And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Just days before their arrival, Seattle experienced one of its strongest windstorms of the year, knocking out power to much of the region.  But Garrett brought the sunshine with him just in time for spring!

Garrett and his family arrived to Bungie’s office in the morning to be greeted by our very own Deej, Bungie’s Community & Communications Manager, to be taken on his infamous studio tour – filled with tidbits of Bungie lore and behind the scenes details.  

We then suited him up in spandex and tested his acting chops for a real-time Motion Capture demo where he got to be a hunter in the Queen’s throne.  Our Motion Capture Manager, Troy McFarland, took him through a deep dive of how MoCap is utilized in game development, what it took to build our own fully-functioning studio, and how footage is captured and processed.  

Running around in a spandex suit covered in reflective dots can build up quiet an appetite, so we headed straight from MoCap to lunch, where Garrett had the opportunity to dine with some of our devs and ask any question he could think of over a good meal. 

Up next was an Audio session with Destiny’s composer, Skye Lewin!  Skye walked him through the creative process behind the music in Destiny and how sound has a significant role in how players experience a game.  Sound has the ability to convey hope, fear, joy, excitement, and a whole slew of emotions that wouldn’t be felt as strongly if our game had no sound.  We then put Garrett behind the microphone in our Foley Booth and had him record a few lines of dialogue!  We brought him back into the mixing studio and showed him the numerous affects we can apply to his vocals to match him to the various characters we have in-game.

One of Garrett’s favorite parts of the day was getting a chance to have some one-on-one conversations at our developers’ desks.  It was there that he got a sneak peek at what is being worked on for future releases – and what he saw excited him.  Garrett was able to get a hands-on understanding of what goes into making Destiny and could begin to conceive of what his next steps could be as he heads into college in a couple of years!

After getting some behind-the-scenes insight, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on a controller and test out some of this new content with some of the Bungie team!  And, as what commonly occurs when we bring in Make-A-Wish visitors, Garrett kicked our butts at our own game!

The day ended with a photo with Garrett’s family and several of the Bungie Team that helped make his day special, followed by loads of swag to take home with him to display his Bungie pride!